Our recipes use organic and local produce and imported spices to deliver sauces that are both authentic and healthy.

Gluten & MSG Free. No Sugar Added.

Our Sauces

Your search for an authentic Latin Cooking Sauce & Marinade is over! Experience the warmth of roasted tomatoes, onion, and garlic, the tang of fire-grilled tomatillos and freshly juiced limes, combined with the refreshing taste of cilantro in Calle Mayor's marinades and all-purpose skillet sauces. Our marinades are also great as smothering and dipping sauces! Try it this weekend at one of our Denver area Farmer's Markets, in your local grocer, or buy it today from our online store.

Our versatile cooking sauces deliver full flavor without MSG, gluten, artificial colors, or preservatives.


Calle Mayor Foods unique sauces work well on chicken, shrimp, fish, beef, pork, and vegetables.

Our Newest Flavors



We at Calle Mayor Foods have been working on a tangy lime and cilantro marinade that's perfect for flavoring veggies, seafood, and chicken. Delicious both out of the jar and grilled. Or try our new Spicy Tomatillo marinade for that same full-bodied flavor profile of our Original with a little more kick!

Celebrating One Year in Business!

The idea for our first marinade came in early Spring of 2016 when a friend asked us to make street tacos for his birthday. Then a year later we brought our love of Latin food - in the form of three wonderfully tasty sauces - to customers throughout the Denver Metro. In appreciation of our customers during our first year in business we have worked with our great team of vendors and suppliers to lower our prices on all three sauces. Thank you!

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Calle Mayor Foods Gallery

We debuted our Original Marinade at Cherry Creek Farmer's Market in Spring 2017 and have received rave reviews and amazing feedback! We will be posting photos from every Denver area Farmer's Market Calle Mayor is attending here, and on our Instagram and Facebook pages. If you are visiting or live in the Denver Metro area, be sure to stop by to be included in our gallery.


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