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Calle Mayor Foods was started in Colorado by my wife and me as a way to treat a friend, who had migrated to the United States from Mexico in the late 90s, to an authentic, home-cooked Mexican taco night for his birthday. The goal was to make a sauce that paid homage to the slow roasted goodness of suadero - a tough cut of meat popularized by Mexico's street taco vendors. The result was this intensely tangy, mildly spicy, fresh herb infused, all-purpose sauce that does all the work of a Latin chef without the large time and ingredient investment.


Many Mexican recipes call for synthetic chemicals and cheap fillers to create sauces that offer little nutritional value and deliver manufactured tastes. Calle Mayor's sauces use fresh,  organic ingredients without relying on MSG, gluten, preservatives, or artificial thickeners. Thank you for trying our sauces. We hope our family's recipe becomes part of your family's Latin meal repertoire for generations to come.



The Santa Cruz Family